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Guangzhou HePan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

is a professional enterprise specialized in automatic welding systems, design of automatic welding peripheral equipment, intelligent flexible welding production lines, automatic welding equipment which integrated with manufacturing, sales and has a good reputation in the Pearl River Delta region.

Rich Experience
Our company has professional and technical personnel and high-quality technical services team engaged in welding technology research, welding equipment manufacturing and electrical automation design. It has extensive experience in the filed of welding technology, welding materials, welding fixtures and welding automation equipment. Utilizing technology accumulated for many years, produce arc welding, resistance welding, handing, cutting and other automated equipment applicable to all industries according to customer’s actual needs, provide the best solution, the highest satisfaction with products and services to users.

Strength Product
Our main products are rectangular four axis, CNC welding station, intelligent welding production line and a variety of welding machine, CNC welding positioner, and other special welding fixture welding equipment. Products have been widely used in automotive parts manufacturing, motorcycles, electric car, bicycles industry, sports equipment, construction machinery, air conditioning, refrigeration, hardware appliances and other industries.

Corporate Values
Companies adhering to the “professionalism, integrity and friendly” corporate values, to “focus on the development of automatic welding business, focus on customer satisfaction” business philosophy, to provide customers with high-quality, continuous and stable service.

Guangzhou HePan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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